Seeking Men Women Teens & Kids for TV Commercials, Print Ads, Music Videos etc. Ages 4 to 59. Serious applicants only. Submit head shot and contact information to newfaces@zannaspg.com. Ottawa auditions start Thursday December 16, 2010. www.zannaspg.com
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Visit www.humelake.org to learn more. This is the teaser for the Hume Summer 2011 Summer theme titled, “All In” Title: All In Passion & Pursuit All In explores the lives of Saul and David, examining what it takes to be a person “after God’s own heart,” regardless of the circumstances. Too often we selfishly seek approval, wisdom, and victory without first seeking the will of God. All In explores how David managed to be called a “man after God’s own heart” despite his human failings, and how Saul lost God’s blessings and succumbed to his pride, jealousy, and dread. Through this theme, we will learn to cultivate a passion to seek God, emulate His character, and strive to be men and women after God’s own heart. Verse: Psalms 40:8 I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.”
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  1. supportnileyforever1 says:

    @motosportjunkie i reckon it is like anywhere from $420-$500…. it might be more now though… that was the last two years.

  2. supportnileyforever1 says:

    @motosportjunkie i reckon it is like anywhere from $420-$500…. it might be more now though… that was the last two years.

  3. supportnileyforever1 says:

    Hume was epic this year! already looking forward to next year!!!

  4. motosportjunkie says:

    @Purplesunset16573 what? The price is close to $600 if i recall…

  5. littleob4 says:

    Anyone going the 17-23????

  6. ZerrickiShadow says:

    I went to the Hume SD camp a few years ago, did not have fun. Never going back.

  7. mikeeownz says:


  8. jbpopsicle says:

    This is a pretty excellent video. I’m really excited to go this summer! (:

  9. DoggyLover30 says:

    cant wait to go this summer! i went to hume SD last summer and that was tons of fun!!

  10. bananabunny69 says:

    cant wait going week two soo excited first time as a highschool winter camp is life changing and im sure summer camp will be too its soo fantastic it the week right after my grad somthing to be looking forward to!

  11. musicgrl132 says:

    medow ranch changed my life wildwood here i come!!! Who says christians don’t have fun haha

  12. motosportjunkie says:

    @humelake very political response, i will not comment further.

  13. humelake says:

    @motosportjunkie We like providing churches, youth pastors, and families an epic camp experience in a majestic mountain setting—an experience that ultimately changes lives through the power of the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ. We acknowledge that as Christians in the United States, we have many products, companies, experiences, and ministries vying for our time and money, and we’re thankful that God continues to bless the ministry of Hume Lake Christian Camps.

  14. motosportjunkie says:

    last time i went, man it was expensive… i know its for a week and the facilities are nice but still its ALOT of money that could be used in other areas

  15. humelake says:

    @barbaro267 If you’re out of high school but are still wanting to come up to Hume Lake, check out our Young Adult Retreats. We have one in March (after winter camp) and in one in September (after summer camp). Check it out by clicking on the links at the end of this video or visiting the Hume Lake website at humelake.org

    These retreats do use the same theme as the preceding winter/summer camp, but the rest of the program is amped up for college students.

  16. humelake says:

    @juustmejustine Awesome! Can’t wait to have you up here at Hume Lake. If you liked winter camp, you’re going to absolutely like Ponderosa summer camp!

  17. theShelbylaw says:

    i’m going WEEK 9

  18. theShelbylaw says:


  19. sethcomptonfilms says:

    This really reminds me of spaghetti westerns.

  20. ANTMfan312 says:

    I went to Hume Lake back in 2006 for Outdoor Education (science camp) and I loved it. I can’t wait to go to Ponderosa this summer! This theme looks awesome :)

  21. TheZACTVHUME says:

    hahahaha fantastic guys i cant wait it is going to be better than last year

  22. juustmejustine says:

    I can’t wait!! This will be my first year at Pond E for summer camp. I just came back from winter camp it was incredible :)

  23. LongBeachFilms says:


  24. murrietathunderhawks says:

    ahh cant wait this year is gonna b siiick! any1 else goin the 1st week of july?

  25. barbaro267 says:

    YES! Best line from Rich Baker: Go Fish

    the tension was rising the whole video and Derek (?) threw the table over…best EVER! I am so mad I graduated!!! I want to be there!!!

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