– Social Media – Love and Dating in the Social Era with Frank Mastronuzzi and Brian Bowman #12

Online dating is nothing new, but it is growing rapidly both in user base and user type. From alternative sexualities to dating sites specifically targeted for people desiring affairs, if you want it, it’s out there. How has the Internet opened doors to meeting new people? What opportunities and pitfalls have been made by taking our romantic lives online? Host Robert Tercek sits down with oneGoodLove founder Frank Mastronuzzi and dating expert Brian Bowman to answer these questions. Timecodes: 00:00 Intro and Welcome! 5:30 People go where the party is 6:45 Brian on the ‘static issue’ of online dating 8:00 Friendster, Facebook, Google+ use transparent identity system 9:45 Problems with phony profiles 19:00 A lot of social sites depend on timing 19:22 Thecomplete.me goes into private beta in a Week! 20:57 One thing eHarmony is unsuccessful with is alternative sexualities 21:00 One Excellent Like 23:28 How About We 26:30 Capitalizing on the offline dating money 27:04 Like a Small: Anonymous flirting for under-25s 28:11 Rejection is a huge problem, both online and offline 29:51 Can words predict the type of sex you’re after? 30:00 Theblog.okcupid 31:15 Chime.in- about people you don’t know 31:35 Ntro- interest based dating ap, based on proximity and interests 32:38 The “Core Dating Age” 33:46 Ashley Madison: Dating for Cheaters 34:28 The Internet is efficient at matching niche daters 35:00 Wrapping Up!
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There’s a lot of terrible content in this video and its deff not one of my bests.. but I figured I would upload it anyways… because some parts amused myself. Also.. just for the record.. Im not really lonely.. and I DO know what Omegle is.. hahaha Pleased Valentines Day! x0x
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Tails04 says:

    Its amusing because its a video of creepy internet guys hitting on you.. then I read your comment section.. and i guess life immitates art.! lol Your so amusing Emilie! I like the videos!

  2. Tails04 says:

    LoL usually people dont hit on ppl in the comment section lol! I like the mentioning on Taco the hamster!

  3. MedyoX3 says:

    Thanks dude!

  4. afroman920 says:

    Buds so I like u ur mad amusing

  5. MedyoX3 says:

    Haha im always excellent ! :)

  6. afroman920 says:

    Hey Emily what’s up :D how ru my freind

  7. afroman920 says:

    Lol hey sup

  8. afroman920 says:

    Hey sexy whats up

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