Is it weird for an 18 year old to use an online dating service?

I don’t know why I can’t meet girls to date. I want to try an online dating site but that seems like something that only old people do. Is this true?

I reckon you should wait longer til the right girl comes and you meet her in real life. You’re only 18, you still have many years to find a girl :)

its not weird, but youre too young to use the internet for dating, go out to bars and clubs and start to mingle. we depend too much on technology these days you know? honestly, go out and meet people the normal way while you still can.

it is kinda weird. you have plently of time to date when ur older. dont ever trust those dating online stuff :)

It is generally for older people, but younger and younger now, though I would say still early to mid 20s at the youngest. at 18, its really vital for you to develop your social skills with both the opposite sex and just friends. If you are already having a hard problem meeting women, retreating into yourself and an electronic world is only going to hurt you and stunt your social development.

i agree with gracie… wait a few years… flirt with girls… if you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WAIT, then i’d say u can always try dating services and just see what comes up… i mean… i couldnt find a guy. i started being less shy and more fun and outgoing, but still no bf… BUT… then i started flirting with random guys on yahoo messenger… some guys were in their late 20s!!! (i was only 13 or 14) but last august… i met an incredible guy who i am lucky enough to call my boyfriend for nearly 10 months now :)

maybe you can find a girl friend on an online dating service… but I found my boy friend on yahoo messenger :P

Yeah there are lots of people who are using dating websites for online dating.
There are various genuine dating websites.
you can try for

Why are you seeking dating on a dating site?
You have pubs,clubs, coffees , bars
Just be yourself and trust yourself and just go out there, step away from the computer.

Is it weird for an 18 year ancient to use an online dating service?

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