How PUA and Love Systems Dating Coach Jeremy Soul Got Good at Day Game

NOTE: Jeremy Soul has released his breakthrough new book on day game called “Daytime Dating.” For more info, go here: **** Like Systems instructor and dating coach Jeremy Soul shows you how he became the world’s leading day game expert. With in-field sarging, clips of bootcamps and dating seminars you will get a feel for his direct day game style that has revolutionized daytime dating. If you want to find out more on picking up women during the day with our Day Game program, please visit You can also get access to Jeremy Soul’s exclusive Day Game tips and techniques in his hit book Daytime Dating: Never Sleep Alone! Get more information on the book and order yours here: Music: Harsh Krieger- 1603 Like Systems 1640 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 836-0150

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  1. bones19565 says:

    I’m really curious what piece of music is used in this video… I want to get it to get me pumped up! It makes this video super terrible ass. Woot Like Systems and SOUL!

  2. silbanis says:

    Like a lot of guys….I don’t have the charisma,confidence or
    conversational skills to approach women that I’m
    interested in.I wouldn’t know how to keep things
    moving along & fun.

    I like watching these vids because they’re
    aspirational and they allow you to “dream”.

  3. GHOSTakaOzz says:

    I want to hang out with this guy for a month and pick his brain. It would be soo cool to go out and have a wing like him beside me as I met different women. All of my friends have to much of an ego to even approach women & I live in a small town and don’t have 3k to spend RAAAAAAAAARRRRR!

  4. darklord220 says:


  5. crazybones2009 says:

    @TeKNiQ50…He’s Sri Lankan 

  6. pwhs8 says:

    Harsh Krieger- 1603 is the song at the beginning for anyone still wondering. Like systems place it in your description

  7. TeKNiQ50 says:

    1:40 the ancient blonde woman was about to spit day game at Jeremy.

  8. dinosaur4 says:

    @TeKNiQ50 his book says hes sri lankan

  9. HarisFera says:

    What song do they play before he interaction starts?

  10. brixendump says:

    HIS tone and body language is really excellent !!!!!, his style lacks compleately the terrible ass motherfucka factor though . I wonder if he can pick up bitchy negs seeking 10´s.

  11. MrHoodax says:

    yo thats what we doing regularly on the streets of tehran! cuz we dont have pub and clubs but thats cool i see now many other people in the world trying to use that daytime pick up techniques! lol!
    like its amusing wen u just go out of ur house in iran ull just trying to pick as many chicks possible!

  12. bodygank says:

    @TheMchef There is indirect game (magic bullets style) and direct game (what your watching)

  13. dutchlatino17 says:

    TheMchef there are many many different ways to pick up a girl so you gotta find out which one works best for u. Main things are confidence, body-language and humor. You can either tease a girl or tell she’s cute both will make her feel better with u around

  14. TheMchef says:

    This contradicts what i read in Magic Bullets, i mean, there, its said that you shouldnt compliment a women when you meet them, and that you shouldnt question for a name, she ll tell you if she s interested?

  15. smo1765 says:

    whats the best thing for approaching women in supermarkets and retail and gaming the workers? I dont have a huge social circle. I travel an hour to do nightgame in the city. Im fixing to go to the city for college but around the burbs/country, we dont have sidewalks we have highways and subdivisions.

  16. UnconformistSheep says:

    @TeKNiQ50 he says he is “Sri Lankan” in a recent newsletter.

  17. LoveSystems says:

    @TeKNiQ50 In a recent newspaper article a reporter from the British publication The Times referred to Jeremy Soul as “a thoughtful and softly spoken Australian of South East Asian descent with degrees in law and business.”

  18. TeKNiQ50 says:

    Out of pure curiosity, what’s Soul’s ethnicity? Looks Indian, and being an Indian myself, breaking it to your parents your a professional PuA would be hard shizz.

  19. istuddd says:

    would this make vanessa hudgens like me

  20. ilovenick1234567890 says:

    i like his voice. vocal projection. tonality. how it seems smooth but not creepy.

  21. ltmaniac says:

    Very impressive. I like your analogy of “The Game” and “The Matrix.” But why approach women from behind? I know it’s hard to approach a women during the day from an angle or even in front, but I thought approaching from behind was a huge no no?

  22. graffist448 says:

    Just looking at him you can feel the centeredness in him. He’s not frightened. You can just feel it.

  23. LadyboyHunter says:


    1) Be Confident (Posture, Eye Contact, Speak With Authority and Don’t Be Hesitant or Nervous when Approaching them).

    2) Act like you don’t need them and make them prove themselves to YOU!

    3) Make them feel comfortable (comfort is necessary before intimacy)

    4) Demonstrate that you’re a excellent provider & protector.

    5) Give them value and be different!


    “The Game” by Neil Strauss
    “P. Box” from MackMethods. com (Incredible program!).


  24. 2Solista says:

    @DrRight87 Check out their Phone and Text Game book, it helped me a small here and there. Helps you know basic principles of Texting them and gives you a “road map” to reducing flakes!

  25. DrRight87 says:

    @2Solista Keep doing! You need some months till you are able to approach women confident during the day. Read every day 2-3 times the inner game mindsets in order to strengthen you inner game in your subconcious!
    There will be some problems with phone game, but keep doing and you’ll be able to date the hottest and intelligent women! ;)

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