How can I block my mom from accessing online dating sites?

My mom keeps making profiles on online dating sites and my dad is getting mad. I already tried some programs to block her, but she keeps uninstalling them. Does anyone know anything I could place on that she couldn’t remove. also, if it would allow me to specifically specify the sites to block like, EHarmony,, etc. thanks.

duh go to and tell her to make a profile then make ur name a boys name and question her questions like “are you single ” then tell her “want me to meet you sumwhere” then” i will find you and kill you “then she will be too frightened to get on line

unfortunately there aren’t many cheap programs that you can use to prevent certain sites from showing up. you should confront your mother about this and maybe even bring your dad in on the conversation as well.

Do something so horrible on her account and get ip banned ^^

Talk with her is the best solution. if you do this by technical, she will be able to access them via other computers too. if she doesn’t want to join online dating herself, that would be the best solution.

Well, you can always get her a new cat. and then tell your dad to gtfo.

Why not try to block these sites by editing host file? here is the way, you may have a try:
Search hosts in your system hard drive, open the file with notepad, type the websites you want to block with form of “”, and save the file. one line one site, don’t forget “ www.”
You can also try invisible website blocker to block these sites. like Aobo Website Blocker, you can add the websites you don’t want to visit to blacklist or just set keywords to block websites. and it works in stealth mode, and won’t show in the task manager. It has password protection so that no one can change your settings or delete it without password.
More info:

May it help you.

This is actually none of your business. It is up to your parents to manage their own relationship, for excellent or bad. You really should stay out of it.

In sounds to me like your dad needs to install a $500 retainer’s fee in the pocket of a divorce attorney.

How can I block my mom from accessing online dating sites?

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