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Not all dating women who are independent are extreme feminists. But all women who are feminist at least try to be independent. For some men, dating women who are feminists is intimidating because they are independent. Many men also have the incorrect impression of what feminism is. Dating women who are feminists isn’t necessarily any different than dating others.

Misconceptions of Feminism

Feminism is frequently misrepresented. Some people feminists despise men. Some believe that they reckon that women should be treated better than women. Others believe that women reckon it means they’re lesbians. Some believe all feminists are masculine. Some believe dating a feminist means they won’t have to pay. That’s not accurate, but it something seen commonly on TV. That’s not to say some feminists don’t believe those things, but they are not the majority and you can’t believe everything you see on TV.

What is Feminism?

Feminism refers to the suffragette’s fight for equal rights. They believe women should be respected. Men can be feminists, too. Of course, there are “extreme feminists” who believe that they’re better than men and don’t need them for anything, but that’s not the majority perspective.

Women who are feminists typically pride themselves on sharing their strong opinions. Some commonly held beliefs by modern-day feminists include:

*Females suffer from social injustices because of their sex

*Women are different from men, but they should have equal rights

*Men can raise children, too

*Violence should not be tolerated

*Men should not exert power and force over women to show they’re powerful

How do Women Who Are Feminists View Men?

Feminists like men. Some feminists are men. Most feminists don’t like some of the things that some men do. Like raping or objectifying women or treating them like servants. But, feminism doesn’t have anything to do with dating or hating men. A study showed that dating relationships between couples who have the same basic beliefs as most feminists – equality and respect – are healthy. It’s when more liberal, or more extreme feminists make themselves known that problems arise.

Most feminists believe that men can be helpful in their goals. Men who support their beliefs, equality, for instance, make more of an impact than only women. Men who are dating women and don’t expect the woman to do everything for them, or quit their jobs when they get married to stay home with the kids are seen as a excellent thing. Some feminists feel that when men pay for them, hold doors for them or are polite to them, they’re demeaning them, but not all feel that way.

Should Men Date Feminists?

Dating relationships between men and feminists can work very well. Obviously, it depends on the individual female’s beliefs, but just because the person you’re dating says she’s a feminist doesn’t mean she believes that you’re inferior. It doesn’t mean she’s going to pay for everything.

If you’re dating women who are feminists, the best way to figure out if it’s going to work or not is to make sure you know what feminism is. Know what the person you’re dating believes and the kind of things she feels strongly about. It’s just like any other dating relationship – you need to know and know what’s vital to the women you date, or you’re not going to get anywhere.

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